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cottonii seaweed for food

cottonii seaweed for food

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Short description

Eucheuma Cottonii  is 100% organic seaweed, collagen seaweed. Cottonii is commercial name of Asean Country. 

This organic seaweed is rich in enzyme nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron, multitude fibers and jelly form proteins. It is especially good for skin care, vegetarian diet and daily fiber diet intake. It is the perfect health food for the children, pregnant women, menopausal woman, the elderly, vegetarian and all human-being.

It is great source of natural collagen from ocean. 


- Moisture : 38%, impurities : 1%

- Quality : gold color, no spinosum, no strange algea, no black color


Benefits of “gold cottonii”:

1) Adjust body weight and hormone, breast enhancement.

2) Antibacterial, Expulsion of toxin.

3) Eliminate constipation

4) Improve hypertension and hypo-tension

5) Create a beautiful skin

6) normalize the thyroid gland function

7) helps improve metabolism. improve stomach functions.

9) helps to Eliminates nephritis, Arthritis, Dropsy.

10) Strengthens the blood vessel, Improve rheumatism, Collagen defect, Blood physique and Purpura hemorrhagic.

11) Improve Blood circulation, Cold and shoulder sore

12) effective for those who had Sarcoma or Tumor

13) slim up your abdomen and buttocks, soften skin and improve waist pain.